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Weakest Marvel Character... Don't hate me plz!
Seriously ppls don't hate me...
I believe Spider-Man is the weakest Marvel character. Lemme explain before I get hated on! I still think he's cool bit much like Krillin he's pretty weak. You see while Krillin is the strongest HUMAN on Earth he's still one off the weakest of the Z Fighters. So Spider-Man being a superhero he's still a weaker one to me... ❀ y'all!
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@arnelli Thank you Lord Soft Bottom
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lol! love it! Maybe because I've always been a Venom fan and not a Spidey fan. Minus the first PS1 game cuz that game was the shit. haha!
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@LadyLuna whaaa....? Lol just kidding. I see where you're coming from. Still love Spider-Man though. Especially Symbiote Spider-Man. I thought he was really badass like that.
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Let's be honest about spidey I mean the guy can run upwards of 100mph and has held up the entire daily bugle he's not the weakest
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