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Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Okay, not really. But for all you single women out there who want the perks of having a boyfriend without having the real thing, there's an app for that. No really, there is. Introducing Invisible Boyfriend [see here]. It's an app that allows you to receive text messages and voicemails from well, your 'boyfriend'. As creepy as it sounds, plenty of women have downloaded this app because desperate times call know the rest.
Fellas, they didn't leave you out. There's also an Invisible Girlfriend app for those guys who just can't seem to get it right. Although I'm a sucker for a good morning text, I think I'll stick to being single. This is far too reminiscent of the film that came out two years ago called HER. The only perk is that your invisible 'significant other' will legit text you back right away -- always. Keep scrolling to see the hosts of the talk show The Real give the real deal on the app that is taking things to the next level.

Would you give in and download the app?

So I just did it to see what it's about. It's not an app. It's service. You have to be pretty desperate because there are two monthly plans. One for calls and texts and one just for texting. $25 and $15 a month.
Oh my god no! Hahhahaha
@jordanhamilton, Well I'm actually a Jersey boy who works over here. But the prices are all about the same across the Hudson too. I haven't ever left a bar where my tab hasn't been over $40. That could also be because I can't stop drinking when I'm out being social.
@danidee Not in NYC lol
@danidee Exactly. I might as well go to a bar and pick someone up.
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