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My name is Puff The Magic Kitty. I was rescued from a garage sale...... Likes: looking out the window, cuddling with mom, and playing with my toys. Dislikes: People I don't know; I won't let them see me. I run and hide I hate outside unless it's in my enclosed play area where I know I'm safe. And thunderstorms.
#Animaniafreak I have no idea! there is no reason for it. just like I have no idea why she won't let anyone else see her! she was a rescue. she was a tiny little girl when I rescued her and she was so scared she his behind the dresser for 3 days. she refused to come out and cried all night long. my husband couldn't take it anymore and got her out from behind it then boarded all ways to get behind it. I would carry her upstairs every morning then call for my baby and she'd come running to be carried downstairs to bed at night. once she turned a year old she decided she wanted to stay in the bedroom so I'd turn the tv on for her. now we moved to a smaller house in Missouri but my husband has to stay in Kansas to finish a job and comes here the beginning of each month. She loves playing in the cat loft and roaming around this house.......she's just too funny......
@Animaniafreak I completely agree! She always sleeps with me but last night she was being a butt and wouldn't come in the bedroom so I shut and locked the door and went to bed. I heard her meowing for me to get up and let her in at 3am but I ignored her. All day today she is following me around and meowing! Lol....... oh, and I'm the only one she will "talk" to. if my husband is around, she won't say a peep......if she can't see him in the room or nearby, she'll talk up a storm!
@Animaniafreak I will try but she hates her pic taken. She also will not let people see her either......it's pretty funny. She doesn't even Luke my husband but she will mildly tolerate his presence Lol.
she's a big cat! And so fluffy! I wish the photo would show her front side
Oh wow! She's still really young.
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