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Hi, my name is Tinkerbutt. I'm an adorable fun-loving orphan rescued from a wood pile when I was 1 week old. My cat mommy was hit by a car and I was defenseless and scared. I hissed at everyone but that didn't stop the wonderful kids from taking me home. Their grandma came over and fell in love with me so she took me home. I've been safe and spoiled ever since! I'm very lucky and extremely loved. Likes: my purple monster (shown in picture), cuddling with mommy, breakfast, kitten milk, playing with my toys, sleeping, and tormenting the dogs (hehehehe) Dislikes: outside, loud noises, and strangers.
Bahahahaah, so is my dog. It's really hard for a pet parent not to spoil their fur babies rotten.
Thank you @danidee. My grandkids rescued him. when I got him, my daughter thought he was a she so we named "her" Tinkerbell then I noticed she was a he so we changed his name to Tinkerbutt. Tink for short. he is incredibly spoiled rotten!
OMG TINK IS SO FURRY. And lol, I love the nickname Tinkerbutt.