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A user reached out to me via message a few days ago with some much needed relationship advice. While I'm no guru, I know enough to give my honest opinion. I asked the user who remains anonymous if it was okay for me to share the message with the love and relationship community to try and get a bit more feedback. They were down for the cause, so without further ado -- keep scrolling to see the message.
Hopefully with all of our positivity wisdom, honesty and thoughts we can help our Vingle family make the best decision at the end of the day.

Leave a comment below if you have any feedback.

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it definitely took me awhile to learn that, but I agree @ThePervySage whether someone is busy or not, they will try their best to make time for you.
Communicate, communicate, communicate. @Heartofgold35 said it best, see how the feel about you first before you do anything
Yes!!!!! Communication is always KEY! @nicolejb
U guys need to talk face to face! That's the only way to clear all your misunderstandings and sort things out!
always the best option! great advice @humairaa