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As Trump took the Nevada caucus yesterday, I thought to myself "Jeeze another one?"
And then more questions in my head came swirling out:

"What does this mean? Is it significant enough for him to get the nomination? Or am I just overanalyzing this?"

Well, I spent a good chunk of my day educating myself on really how bad/ok things are.

For those that are a little behind on the election stuff. Google did a good count of votes needed to win the nomination, and where they are right not.

(Obviously the Dem votes are TBD but it's a nice estimate)

What to chill about

By the numbers - Republican's need 1,237 to get the nomination
Trump is at 81. He's got a lot to work to get to. So chill, he hasn't won yet, and isn't close.

What not to chill about

Anti-Trump republicans can't seem to get it together.
Cruz and Rubio are neck and neck (though Nevada put Cruz out of the lead). And behind them? Katich and Carsen are close too. The vote seems to be spreading across the board, which means the anti-Trump GOP votes are being spread out instead of rallying behind one to destroy Trump.
Essentially: They need to rally behind one candidate to defeat the flesh-eating lizard person.

What are your thoughts on the election so far?!

If you're a Republican...then yes. You should start freaking out because even if Trump gets the nomination, he is never going to be the president of this country.
hahahah I'm freaking out every day about this @InPlainSight :( but there's a long way to go before he totally gets the nom
Also I think you meant "Bathe" right?
Anger and truth are not synonymous but they do exist in the same universe. :)
I'm just going to answer this question with a card. :/ I have a lot of thoughts about this.
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