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Luna: Weighing at only 10lbs this 3yo is queen over all those in her path. personality: Fiesty, bossy, and lovable Likes: playing, cuddles, eating plastic, boxes and sleeping behind the heater Fav food: Her special once a week beef soft food Dislikes: being ignored and the scary vacuum monster Strongest attack: Her round big eyes
Sofie: Weighing at 15lbs this 1yo is as fluffy as her fur. Personality: Gentle, patient, and lovable. Likes: Eating, eating some more, belly rubs, food, being the center of attention, and food. Fav food: Food in general Dislikes: An empty food bowl and the scary vacuum monster Special attack: Her sweet meows
@danidee yeah Sofie talks a lot too and it gets a little annoying but I still love her <3
My sister has a talker too. She actually chose it based on the fact it seemed to really want to talk to her at the shelter, but then she quickly learned that her cat will never shut up lol.
Luna loves to cuddle a lot more than Sofie does but Sofie is always talking lol
OMG They're so cute! Sofie reminds me of a cat my childhood best friend had! So which one's the more social one? Luna?
You should look at my page your cat looks jist like mine!!