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You spent the 15 hour flight studying the area around where the M/V was to be shot. Things like coffee shops, apparel shops, their version of five and dimes were gold to a production gofer. The faster you could provide the items needed, the more secure your job. The fact that the job was in a different country wouldn’t matter to the director or staff. Your job was to fetch, to carry, to do pretty much whatever was commanded. You’d received the list of car rentals, luncheon trucks, caterers, and every other non-production personnel that would be on site from the Exec. Secretary. Only a select few had been brought along for this project, you wanted to make sure that they didn’t regret bringing you. In fact, you were actually hoping that doing a good job here would mean a promotion when you got back to the States.
It was early morning, 4 am in South Korea, which meant you had been on site for over an hour already. When you found out the company had been hired by JYP Entertainment to put together KPOP group 2 PM’s newest video you couldn’t believe it. The production assistants and others had been doing internet searches and trying to find English subbed videos all week while you just quietly smiled in the background. 2 PM is your bias group; nervous excitement that you could possibly get to go and meet them was always barely contained each day. However, you were only one out of 10 gofers employed here. It had been a stressful week while everyone waited to hear who received the coveted spots.
During a slow day last week you had ended up back at the office. While the crew was at lunch, you had been sent back to pick up items they’d forgotten. You weren’t expected back on site for another hour. While reviewing emails you overhear the conversation from a cubicle away. Being lunchtime, the office was empty; a couple of assistants had A.D.T.O.Y. playing with the speakers on.
“That one is Taecyon isn’t it? Honestly how do you tell Asian guys apart? I mean their hair looks slightly different but… ugh this is going to be impossible before the trip.”
“But check out those bodies! Check out those arms and abs. ‘sigh’ yeah, how are we supposed to know who is who? When we get there I’m sure it’ll be easier when they are in front of us.”
Rolling your eyes you shake your head and just smile. The rap part begins and you casually say out loud, “Taecyeon is the rapper right now. He’s got short hair, black t-shirt with a chain on his pants.” It gets silent for a minute but the song continues, “Jun.K is singing, he’s the leader, black vest no shirt, long sleeved white shirt on the chairs.”
The music suddenly stops but you stay focused on your email. “How do we know you’re telling us the truth? Maybe you want to screw us over so we don’t get picked!” There is a humph then, “It isn’t like we know who they are and how would you know?” The waspish voice falls over you. You have to love Hollywood and the ‘all for me’ attitude that even the assistants have.
“Look it up,” you reply, “ miss kpop would be the easiest for you. M-I-S-S-K-P-O-P dot W-E-E-B-L-Y dot com,” you spell out for them. “You can look up by which group and she has pictures and details about each of the members.”
You can hear typing as they go in search of where you told them. You than hear ‘whispers’ that rival a stage whisper, “huh, she was right, look.” You shake your head and continue replying to emails. As soon as you finish you will have to leave to head back to the filming site. You hear a slight gasp, then silence; you figure they found one of the many photo shoots that highlight the guys without shirts on. One thing about KPOP men, they are beautiful and they work hard at it. You for one have no problem praising those efforts.
The music starts again, some song you’ve heard before but one that definitely isn’t 2PM. “So what song is this one?” The assistant asks and you can hear the arrogance in her voice still.
“That isn’t 2PM, sounds a little like MBLAQ but there are a lot of groups and they aren’t one of my constants.”
A.D.T.O.Y. restarts, a different version, you can hear fans screaming. A male voice suddenly asks you, “Who sings at the beginning?”
Your eyes widen at the directors voice. You swallow nervously and turn to look over, again he repeats, “Who sings at the beginning of the song?”
“Junho sir,” you reply. The director almost never comes to this floor, let alone talks to anyone down here.
“There are two rappers next, who are they in order of when they are in the song?”
“Taecyeon and then Chansung;” you take a breath and decide to continue, “then Jun.K sings, followed by Wooyoung, Junho & Jun.k together, then Nickhyun and Jun.k if you’re watching a music bank or festival. They change things up a little depending on how much time they have and where they are.”
He has a piece of paper in his hand that he keeps comparing to the computer screen. He looks back at you, and you feel like a bug under a microscope.
“You can do this with their other songs? Tell their voices apart?”
You nod, “Yes sir, at least the ones on my playlist.”
A smile cracks his face, “I figured in a company this size there would be a KPOP’er somewhere in the ranks. How long have you been addicted?”
He makes it sound like you’re addicted to crack! Okay, hot Asian guys are actually better than crack but he doesn’t need to know that. “I’ve been listening for,” you shrug your shoulders, “probably a couple of years now.”
“And is your bias in this group?” He looks at your widen eyes, “Isn’t that what they are called? The favorite member of the group? Or the overall favorite?”
“Um, yeah, that’s what they call them, and yes, they are my bias group, my overall number 2 bias is their leader, Jun.k.”
“And why is he your bias? You don’t seem like a teenage fan girl to me, are you?”
That puts your defenses up a little, seriously? This was personal information, was he allowed to ask these questions of you? You sit up a little straighter, a glint coming to your eye, your eye brow raised. You hope you don’t currently look like a porcupine, you need this job, but, NO ONE disses your KPOP or love of it.
“And respectfully, why would you need to know that sir? I was trying to help some co-workers be able to identify the members, my taste in music or men is beyond the personal border isn’t it?”
The eyes of the girls in front of the director widen, their mouths dropping open in disbelief. The director simply stares at you for another minute, sizes you up and then bursts out laughing. It’s your turn to stare with your mouth open.
They had ignored the computer, which had switched to play a Big Bang song. The director nods his head at you, “Quite correct, I apologize.” He looks at the computer screen, “Do you know who the group singing the current song is?”
“Big Bang,” you respond immediately. He nods with a smile, looks down at his paper and back at you, “The information we received from JYP mentioned how fiercely KPOP fans defend their idols. It was his idea to take a closer look at any employees showing interest, he said a KPOP’er would stand out. He was correct.”
Was that now a compliment? Did you, a lowly gofer, seriously just get an apology AND a compliment from the director?
You glance down at your watch, “I’m sorry sir, I’m expected back on site and really have to leave, if that’s all?”
He nods his head, “Good enough,” he states as he walks over to your desk and looks at the email you just printed out. “This is you?” he asks pointing to the name on the email address. You glance over as you gather your items, nod, take the email and head out the door.
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love it, kpopers usually do stand out lol