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Maybe it's just a teenager thing, but I always have these strange recurring urges to do something stupid. No reason, really. I see something, and I think, "What would happen if I did this?" The results are often unpleasant.
But when I have the urge to do something productive, I have no motivation whatsoever. Why?
Is it my brain revolting against me? Is it laziness? Stress? All of the above?
Maybe there are too many distractions in the world. Social media is a killer, YouTube is a murderer, and my brain cells willing die for the entertainment.

How do I stay focused on the things that are important?

Meh, maybe I'll just *sleep it off. *silently cry myself to sleep, weeping for the lack of things getting done.
When I actually am productive, watching more and more things gradually get done is the greatest feeling. Yeah, it's hard to be responsible, but when you are, life gets easier.
I appreciate you too! :D I can't wait to see what else you writeeee.
Tis true, @Nellthearrow. @danidee Attractive British men are my worst distraction, and THANK YOU. I appreciate you.
(Also omg, I love your writing style?)
Lmao, the attractive British men meme was so cute.
Don't worry Ray, remember: 馃帳 We're just ooordinary people. We don't knoow which way to go...cause we're oooordinary people, maybe weee should take it slow. time we'll slow. 馃槈