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I have two roles one in the female section and one in the male so let's get started @Michellebarra
(FEMALE bulimic) Personality: shy, quiet, nice to people she trust. Birthday: November 19 (the year turn 18 or 19) Height: 5'10 Weight: 85.5 Hometown: Bartow, Florida Background: her parents did drugs and drank so she lives with her grandma Past: it all started when she came home and started to cut her wrist and write "fat" "ugly" on her bathroom mirror. Her parents were always out getting drunk and high they never cared for her so she moved in with her grandmother in Seoul, South Korea How did you end up in Rehab: Her grandma caught her one day yelling at herself in the mirror with blood running down her arm. Likes/dislikes: likes-Singing dancing, cuddling, and cooking. dislikes-the color pink or any bright colors, fake ass hoes. (😂) Pet Peeves- when ppl interrupt her when she is talking to a friend. What kind of mindset does u character have: she gets persuaded easily Hobbies- Cooking, singing, dancing and drawing Face Claim: Slim face with bright green eyes and three freckles that make a triangle on the side of her face. Dirty blonde hair she dyes her hair red sometime in the fanfic.
NOW TIME FOR THE MALE PSYCHOPATH How did you two first meet: School How do you two act around each other: He: acts rude and scary but cute and funny She/ acts shy and silly Regulated Scence: something smutty where like they are u know and someone ends up walking in like her grandma or his parents Different from the other relationships: he doesn't want to be seen with her but loves her with all his heart She wants to be seen but knows thy will get dirty looks, Are you open or secret: Open to trustworthy ppl secret to new ppl Personality: mean, scary, cute likes "it" ruff, can be really sexy and tries to act normal but if you mess with someone he loves he goes crazy Birthday/age/place of birth: August 14 (whatever year makes u 19) 19, Chicago Height:6'10 Weight: 115.5 Hometown: Chicago (I don't much so anywhere in Chicago) Background: his dad taught him how to hunt, he saw his friends die in front of him didn't call 911 or anything Past: he was a sweet little boy untill one day at school when a shooter came and killed everyone in his class. How did u end up in rehab: he tired to kill everyone in his school but ended breaking down in the middle of the hallway. And the police sent him to rehab Likes/dislikes- likes: dancing, reading, swimming and walking alone at night. Dislikes-couples who make out in public, little kids. Pet peeves: annoying people, ppl who interrupt him. What mindset does u character have: goes with what his guy feels like and if something goes down he will fight back Hobbies: Swimming, dancing, rapping and hiking. Face Claim: dark blue eyes with a sweet face but crazy mind, nice skin texture, faded teal hairs
It will be CL for the girl and Rapmon for the mal
@MichelleIbarra oh sorry 😣
You forgot an 'i' in my last name... 😅
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