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As someone who lives from paycheck-to-paycheck, I don't really get the chance to buy a whole lot of new games. And a younger version of myself would be pretty bummed about this because YouTube and Let's Plays wouldn't have existed yet. But present day version of me is pretty stoked because I get to watch people on the Internet play games that I probably won't get a chance to play or the games I can't afford.
And last night while I looked through my YouTube subscriptions, I started to think about you Vingle people and who your favorite YouTube Game people are. I subscribe to a lot of different people but there are basically 3 channels that I go back to every night/Saturday afternoon.

Here are 3 of my favorite Let's Players/YouTubers/whatever the proper term for these guys are. (in no particular order)


I only recently got into Gopher's videos but the reason I love watching his vids is because he plays a lot of Fallout. Last year, I got really into his playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas. And not only because it's one of my favorite games but mostly because he modded the hell out of his version. And that's another one of the big draws for me. I get to experience what the Fallout games would be like if I was able to play them with mods. He's currently playing through Fallout 4 and he has different playlists dedicated to the mods he uses, settlement building, and the main quests of the game.
You can check out his channel here.

Super Best Friends

I've been watching the Super Best Friends Zaibatsu for a really, really long time. I mean, for a while there was only two of them and they were just Two Best Friends Play. But when they added Liam and Woolie to the crew, I got more into it. They play a weird assortment of games but some of their full playthroughs are really interesting to watch/listen to. For example, when they played through Silent Hill 2 last year, it wasn't just screaming and crying that the game was terrifying but they broke down the meaning of everything that appears in the game and had some behind the scenes anecdotes about the game as they went along. They're also insanely good at fighting games, so I like watching them play those just so I can get an idea of what higher level play looks like.
If that sounds like something you're interested in, you can check out their channel here.

The Achievement Hunter Crew

One of the leading names in Let's Plays (their Let's Play channel is even titled Let's Play), the Achievement Hunter Crew never seem to fail to make me laugh while they play any kind of game. As an offshoot of Rooster Teeth, you can expect all of their content to be top-notch. And honestly, if it wasn't for these guys, I probably wouldn't have gotten into Minecraft as much as I did a couple of years ago. They also tell some pretty ridiculous stories while they play the games and you can kind of tell that they all feel super lucky that the get to play video games all day.
If you're interested in their stuff, click here to get Internet-transported to their channel.
So what are some of your favorite Let's Play YouTube people? It doesn't matter if they have 5 subscribers or 500,000. Let me know in the comments below or make your own card! There'll be a huge surprise for you if you do write your own card*
I really just watch Video Games Awesome and some of Team Four Star
@arnelli YOU GET IT! YOU GET IT!
Definitely Achievement Hunter (mostly for Michael and Gavin) and also LilyPichu!
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