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DAY 17!

Almost done guys!

17) Would you rather be married to J-hope or Jungkook?

oh no not again...

J-hope is, just like for many others, a ray of sunshine that can make anyone's day brighter.

Geez that big smile is gorgeous Hooh I need a fan

Kookie is just too cute for his own good.

Oh no....He knows!

Ok I'll be honest here, now don't get me wrong, Jungkook is a good looking boy...BUT I can't see him as a "husband". I see him as a little brother.

I mean he is younger than me by 2 years (that may be why) heh

So I'm sure you've already guessed that I'm going to go with Hoseok lol

ya'll are so smart :)

^^^I found these quite entertaining XD

obviously jokes credit to the owners

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marry jhope honestly he's so adorable I mean wake up to a face that says I'm giving you all. my hope
I'd pick j-hope two