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This week my Wednesday Waifu is Juvia from Fairy Tail. I like her because she always gets jealous over gray. Im all about the jealous types. I also love girls with water powers. Juvia was part of an elite group called the element 4 before she joined the fairy tail guild. Her powers are amazing. Shes also sweet and very pretty. I love the blue hair as well.
Getting angry!
Always so jealous
Water Circle Thing!
Such romance ^_^
More pics! Whos your favorite girl from Fairy Tail? I cant pick just one. Tell me in the comments!
im not gonna get another chance to say this. I love Lucy!! (im sorry i just woke up and it came to me and i had to say it.) (I Love Lucy is a old tv show)
I like Juvia she's my fav girl in Fairy tail
cute @.@
Juvia Juvia and more Juvia. If I could marry her I would be I am straight and she's not real. 馃槩
Juvia is so cute, but Erza and Mirajane are my personal favorites
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