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AWEE little alien Tay I love him! my life will surely not be boring with him by my side :) we'll certainly balance each other out because I'm pretty crazy
This dress is purely gorgeous!!!
Monsta X yes please they are all so funny in their videos so I'm gonna be happy having them there!
awe this ring is gorgeous! I love the pretty Rose gold color! and it's not like any ordinary ring :) I love it
oh this honeymoon seems great and full of activities :)
OMO! we have a huge house! but we'll make it work
OMOOOOO! WE HAVE FOUR KIDS! I'll still love them with all my heart the same as my husband! and I guess the big house will come in handy so all the little alien tays and crazy kaylins will have plenty of room to run xD
where did you play this I want to try it out