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Ever since I found out that Modern Baseball is coming out with a new album in May (!!!), I've been going through their discography and enjoying every little bit of it. One of the many reasons I love this band is that most of their songs are extremely relatable to me. I've been in enough relationships where I start to miss or more accurately, blame myself for the way things ended up.
And MoBo's song Broken Cash Machine has a chorus that completely gets this feeling for me. I don't mean this in a terrible or mean way but the lyrics in the chorus are so simply written, it gets to the point and hits you hard. And there's nothing better than that to me when it comes to songwriting/lyrical content. I like the sense of honesty and rawness in the chorus and every time I hear it I think about a very particular time in my life.
It's one of the hardest things to get over. But maybe, eventually, probably, hopefully, we could all learn how to love ourselves instead of blame ourselves for things that we can't really control.

Notable Lyrics:

Trying to not say words out loud. Wondering if I'm talking too loud. My eyes burning holes in your old pictures.

Oh, why did I do that? Why does everything collapse? Even when it's glued together.

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That's one thing I have a hard time doing. I tend to want to blame myself for a lot of things, when I need to realize bad things can happen out of my control!