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Ever since I got on Vingle I've saved every hilarious and beautiful Meme I've seen. Which mean I have loads on my phone and now it's telling me I have no space. So sorry if it seems like I'm unloading them just for my benefit, it's for yours as well. If you're like me you probably have a lot of Vingle Card Notifications and updates and don't get a chance to seem some really relatable cards. I might have 'em. ;) -Your Favorite K-Pop / K-World fandom trainee, Elisha aka ENF2. 사랑해!
Bias issues Theme. ^.^
To Non-KPoppers Theme ;)
Explaining K-Pop Groups Theme @)
Sassy/ Sexy Themed (please excuse the language).
Fan From Fiction Themed.
Yeah so I did my best. Like I said before this is only a few I have in my phone I've been a Vingle member no more than 3 months I believe. #KPopIsLife #KPopRuinedMe ❤
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ahh these were funny and relatable. 👍