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Oh My God I don't know how I've never seen this video before. Yixing is the cutest cupcake in the world!
The video was taken during the photoshoot of Oh My God a Chinese romantic comedy movie. If you haven't seen it already you definitely should, some parts are too sweet, sad or just plain confusing especially the end (I'm not spoiling it for anyone!)
Ughhh, who knew that Brodie was a born EXO member. That's one thing that he can put in his resume "I've been dancing to EXO ever since I was in diapers". At least it'll be legit. 😂😂
and his voice when he talks omg <3. I can ima cry in the corner. bye
I think I just 're-fell in love with Yixing. like can he plz stop my heart is going to explode. let alone my ovaries. ;-;
@DesireeChucklez I'll cry with you my yixing feels have been hit really hard
@reyestiny93 I just. since I've watched this I've been on an exo yixing binge. rewatching him on weekly idol asc etc. my heart I'd just done for. I can't fan girl hard enough lol
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