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Don't worry I didn't get my title wrong, in fact negative thinking could be a key component to success. Let me explain. People like to talk about visualizing success. Self help gurus are always talking about positive thinking leading to positive results and I can see the merit in that. Also a positive attitude is never a bad thing. But visualizing nothing but success only leads to success if it's a smooth ride. And let's be real, the journey to a goal is NEVER a smooth one.
When I say negative thinking I'm talking about imagining the worst. Contrary to popular belief, when you picture the worst you aren't a Negative Nancy, you aren't a downer, and you certainly aren't ruining your chances of success. Picturing the worst is how you can prepare yourself for any issue that erupts along the way. Picturing the issues, the set backs, the failures is a perfect strategy to plan for any and every outcome. Because let's be honest, being prepared is the best way to be successful correct?
So shout out to all my fellow worriers, over planners, and negative thinkers! Our obsessive planning for each possible outcome is actually an amazing way to assure that we can actually achieve the success we are striving for!! Embrace the power of negative thinking with a smile on your face! Because just sitting around an imagining victory isn't going to get you anywhere. Planning will.
What a strange coincidence! My boss just told me today that I could probably be a successful risk analyst with the way I think.
I totally agree. I have explained to my bosses that you don't really need to plan for success. If you do things right, that just happens. You have to plan for all of the things that will go awry. I say, "If you plan for the worst case scenario, then any other obstacle is easy by comparison." And then they just look at you like you're a pessimist...
As dumb as this sounds, I have always thought about the worst things that could happen to me while driving down the road. I vision the worst thing that could happen if I do this or that. Luckily I have been in one accident and it was a fender bender. But I can relate to this by the way I think when I drive because it does help me prepare myself for the worst and allows me to focus my attention on my surroundings.
Exactly. None of my friends seem to understand this.
Totally agree negative thinking/visualization doesn't have to be only negative. In the end it can be very positive. Thanks this help me think positively with my negative thoughts.
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