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Not many groups take the risk of debuting with a song that has nothing to do with love, This song deals with the issue of bullying as you can see them wearing pink gloves.
I think many girls these days deal with this issue either consciously or subconsciously about feeling not confident about their looks and being envious of anyone who looks pretty.
This Was Her Debut Song That Centers Around The Bullying And Constant Discrimination She Suffered For Being Bi-racial , Just Like Her Fellow Black-Korean Musicians Insooni and Yoon Mi Rae.
Basically Don’t Let Defeat In One Battle Make You Lose Hope For All Of Them.
" Everybody wins sometimes Everybody knows you lose some You get some right, you get some wrong Although tiring there will be days to smile Eventually a day to smile will come When you fall down, when you get up"
@jiggzy19 Credits To The Owners Happy Pink T-Shirt Day
and is today symbol of bullying
I'm so glad that Nu'est is finally getting notice