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Welcome to the world of color.

We're all huge fan of ColourPop and their matte lippies, but have you seen their ultra satin lippies? If not, you're in for a colorful treat. While matte lipsticks are the talk of town, satins might be taking over one product at a time.
To see how amazingly pigmented these lippies are keep scrolling and check out the video below.

Are you loving any of these lippies?

Which shade would you rock?
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That's a beautiful color! Do a review when you receive it @stephosorio
2 years ago·Reply
@jordanhamilton Yeah, they had this really big scandal where customer's money was stolen and the owner is just a big ass... So unfortunate since their velvetines are so lovely
2 years ago·Reply
I heard about that! Smh a shame!! I think they have resolved the issue since though @daljiyong
2 years ago·Reply
@jordanhamilton definitely will
2 years ago·Reply
great, can't wait! @stephosorio
2 years ago·Reply