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I would just like to add that another one of my hobbies is doing research. If something grabs my interest and curiosity, I look as much of it up until the info keeps repeating itself or I get bored. So, looking for the weakest Marvel character wasn't easy, but interesting at how some people's idea of one of the weakest characters turned out to actually be someone quite strong from further investigation. And with that I introduce the weakest (so far) Marvel character...
Cecilia Reyes Cecilia is able to create a force field to defend herself or for you comic/science lovers, a psioplasmatic field. The field only seems to appear whenever Cecilia feels threatened. Although, because the field is psionic in nature, Cecilia feels everything the that comes into contact. The feeling gives as much pain as if she received the attack directly. Which means she can't use this awesome power offensively. Although she did seek the Professor X's help in controlling her power, she has only really used her field unconsciously or out of rage. Professor X even offered her a place amongst the X-men, but she declined inorder to continue her path as a trauma surgeon. So in case you missed my issue with her: she's like the Steven Universe of the Marvel Universe (wink wink), but she doesn't want to develop her power to full control. I'm not just talking about as a weapon, but would it not be possible to use it in surgery or the off chance of needing to save somebody on her way to and/or from work! She's like a college athlete who had gotten into a Division I school with a full ride scholarship for her superb athletic talent in a sport. Her talent can get her pro, but she chooses to keep her talent sub par for the non-sports career. Both are sad sights, however, unlike a college athlete, Cecilia can still hold the hero title as a trauma surgeon. The unfortunate downside is that even when a patient's death is inevitable after dying in or after surgery, their friends, families, and/or lover could sue believing that she still could've given more effort. But hey, she's working in a field dominated by men. What she really needs is a force field from their rude remarks and behavior, but I'm sure she knows how to smack them around. I had's help for this card. @shannonl5 @RyanOgg @Namrow @MichaelOgg @amobigbang @LAVONYORK @ShinigamiSan @buddyesd @dominika @Lescobedo @MyAffairWith @jibarito @YoSoySoysauce @Marichel @raenel @MarvelTrashCan @CandaceJordan @mellyortiz @mexicanchika45 @BecasFlowers @Chocomayne @otakukpopgirl @AshCrimson @OctoberHymns @selfishmachines @DigitalJediX @jazziejazz @ThePervySage @MikeCro @tbanj96 @StevenFick @arnelli @Krystalstar22 @gatorchick96 @GossamoKewen95 @ChildOfSparda13 @JustinMims21 @kuzuri96 @Captpeter @kneelb4zod @S92pk @MoisEsGaray @aortiz258 @sammsosa @strawhatblakley @ColeKat13 @InPlainSight @anonymousbean @BrunoDutch @RaulGamboa @PrinceCampbell @TwiztidSpider @ChrisSantiago @CreeTheOtaku @VioLence @Riddlesqueen0 @wendycraftq @VictoriaKessel @JonPatrickHyde @DerrickAldana @Silver925 @nenegrint14 @GrowingArt @Lushisushi @LenaBlackRose @sarahpjane @Danse @buddyesd @SilverFangZ @tbanj97 @ChrisSantiago @CalebOrr @CadoAngelus @Jelloston @VoidX @Thatperson512 @dominika @MyAffairWith @mellyortiz @DaiGakuSei @EasternShell @Awesomeperson @SamTheMallow @DarthRevan @idonthaveoneema @MichelleHolly @Kirooken @ultraninja10 @Luci546 @Raadhiyah @LadyLuna @KennethKalgren @zwdodds @JelliBelli111 @redapple615 @AdekolaOmole @FreeWill666 @DustinAtkinson @Boggleman @AshelyJewell @TonyjJohnson771 @NickDiaz @TensaZangetsu98 @ellias777 @Raavaan @TheDumDumTroll @trickyfinger @BryanFritz @ShonA @EstefanOlivares @JimTurpen @Danse @BeannachtOraibh @AkashBhojraj @loftonc16 @ComicGeek94 @wolpht @SparkRIDE @shelbiisonfire @HaleValkyrie @AllieGrabowski @djdoubl3up @AleciaReedy @chuyslim @EmilianoMacias @gabrielpgalindo @BrunoDutch @TwiztidSpider @ladytanbone @ChrisSantiago @RaquelArredondo @MajahnNelson @DavidPap @ItsMeSlim @culversyanne @JonPatrickHyde @TyTruth @nenegrint14 @TiffanyWallace @Lushisushi @nberry1620 @BlackoutZJ @sarahpjane @PGLIFE @ChrisSantiago @Ssj4Otakudude @humairaa @Thatperson512 @Lizzeh @matildajgarrett @RositaGamboa @Ensuno @ButterflyBlu @ReadAnimateSwim @jennygirl @ChosenKnight @CloeySuess @bluerose101 @LadyExperiment @VixenViVi @GinTenma @LilMcGriddle18 @CristelaLoz @Starbell808 @shantalcamara @GinnaL13 @VeronicaArtino @Beeplzzz @MarySEW @zaperz @a042797 @faihimeyuri @MollyTruitt @Jak91 @DianaBell @ALEXCAMACHO @KathyGarcia @MelissaGarza @Silverfang @AlexAckerman @Melodicballoon @TravisCobbs @RogueLeigh @cardboardart @KaiTakashima @jevonlowery @DanRodriguez @purplem00n23 @JJthealphamale @NobleKnight151 @wwedavid791@noWaifuNoLaifu @hhead232 @KingGummy @jeffpeterrutan @Bakuman247 @LigerP @AnnaDodd @GeraldIngraham @ArcticFox95 @ScriptedSoldier @SydneyHogg @OrionMasters @twistedreaper6 @bud113 @SamSpangler @ChaoticJae @FannyWard @SamratGolhar @LigerP @grewellerivera @MarshallLeeXD @JavierReyes180 @AlidaGarman @Chrisingularis @Taieshaboo @zSage13 @SasiaWalz @ebethoven @AlishiaDavis @StevenFick @Adrienpie @RobynHope @bobdobbs @Patmanmeow @ChristopherKenn @AlexMoreno @ChrisTheMage @AlanOakley @Ticasensei @Nicco15 @cavskid1 @JasonLSR @DamianWalker @JessicaFerrier @JacobLollar @AliciaScherrer @KristianHampton @KhaliaAwsomenes @mymi @Naika8888 @xxwriter389xx @SeintoSeiya @DaltonColeman @karmateal99 @merryjayne13
all i wanna do is see her turn into a superhero (a super hero) all i want to be is a fan who gets to see a superhero
@shannonl5 but @JimTurpen is more kinderer
@buddyesd @JimTurpen YOU ARE BOTH TOO KIND
@EstefanOlivares yea, @shannonl5 writes really good stuff
@EstefanOlivares Maybe if you ask @shannonl5 she will write you some Cecilia fan fiction. She's a top notch writer, y'know.
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