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Ok, so I'm not a fan of K-pop normally. However, I love to watch "culture clash" You Tube videos. In case you've never heard the term, "culture clash" videos involve someone of one culture trying the food, vocabulary, or comparing social norms with that of another culture, with usually hilarious or eye-widening results. This was a culture clash that had me grinning ear to ear!
I never thought I would say this, but I think I finally see that "Korean Boy appeal" so many of you fangirl over! They play so well together and have a goofy, funny personality!... Don't judge me, mortal. I can still easily destroy you with my Death Note.
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@gabbycalzada I thought you were serious about wanting me to be gay, but I know you're joking when you actually call me gay.
@ShinigamiSan why would I want you to be gay? I'm not gay so there's really no point
@gabbycalzada *shrug* I thought maybe it was a wierd fangirl thing? After all, it's not uncommon to wish someone gay to match with a ship.
@ShinigamiSan no I just like messing with people older than me because I'm well...a bitch! Haha I mean
My favorite is just how proud they are of themselves and each other when they get it right lol.