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I might need alil help naming them all I still mix up JB and JR and Yugyeom and Youngjae T.T This one I know is Mark.
Either JB or JR I'm not positive.
Not sure. Sorry IGOT7 team T.T
Bam Bam I believe.
Bam Bam again I think
Not sure. JB or JR
This one might be Youngjae not sure.
JB or JR
Bam Bam I believe. Sorry everyone I'm still working on memorizing them. @prettieeEmm
its ok 2 is junior 3. is Yugyeom and 6 is JB
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Ok so Bam Bam popped up the most. He needs to stay in his lane lol I got enough on my hands with Jackson and Mark xD
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