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First off let me start by saying that, Yay! I'm so proud of my boys!! They are becoming more popular and Known. My husband and Boyfriend definitely needs to be recognized for their underestimated talent. Secondly, I decided that to lift my spirits on this day, I tried my hand at the Cinnamon Roll captions. I'm more than happy with them. I chuckled really.

Eyes Below ⬇

My Baby/Hubby is always super smiley so this fits. . . A lot. ♡●♡

Casper comes off as being intense but he's a goofball. . . .

Shin is the more blunt one. By no means is this a bad thing, but he's precious regardless. . . .

Takuya is really sweet and considerate. I could definitely see him as this quality. . . .

Again, my boyfriend is intense at first glance but tbh he gives all the Cinnamon Rolls this side of Pillsbury, a run for their money. . .

Yongseok isn't known to be an evil Maknae For Nothing. . . .

Tagging the Yaks:

Leaving Gifs Here.

I know that Sangmin, but I didn't either when you and Seyoungie ripped my soul out of my face.

Excuse me while I Skipadeedoo dah outta here.

*I made this gif

That gif you made is a beautiful work of art.
@MadAndrea YOU don't lie at all! XD it is adorable!
@AimeeH It was almost more prancing than running XD
@MadAndrea Awesome! I'll put you on the tag list! haha yeas! I do too XD Yongseok running like that makes me laugh.
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