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Would you ever consider donning diamonds and other gems of that nature in the rough--without being cut?!
Designed by Angeline Crowder Boyer of By Angeline, online, her sculpted jewelry uses the most beautiful raw gems you have ever seen! Set in a beautiful French velvet ring box, could you imagine gazing at your engagement ring like this?!
Raw rough sapphire surrounded by two large raw conflict free diamonds. I hand carved this ring in wax and cast it in solid 14k rose gold using the lost wax casting process. This one of a kind raw gemstone ring is a size 6 1/4 it can be sized. The sapphire stone measures about 7mm X 4mm. The rough diamonds are about 3mm.
Awesome! let me know if you get one!
@marshalledgar It's just so... imperfect. I love it. I just browsed through their other rings, and found a couple under the $1000 mark. I am bookmarking the site. I want one of their amethyst rings.
so glad you love it @turtleyturtles. I typically never share stones like this, but it was too beautiful not to share it
How did I miss this one? This is beautiful! I love simple rings, and the sapphire is my birthstone and my favorite stone! The raw stone is just gorgeous!