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This is my first waifu wednesday card. In honor of my first waifu card i have to give appreciation to non other than Miss Mirajane Strauss.
Not only is she gorgeous, but has the heart of an angel... and the soul of a devil... and not to be kinky but i kinda like that about her.
Even in her satan soul form her beauty just shines through.
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Fairy Tail!!!!
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@PASCUASIO ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Beautiful, but I think Ul/Ur, however it's said, who taught Gray, is more beautiful. Nobody seems to appreciate her though, that I have seen. So in Fairy Tail I just finished the Phantom War arc, and it mentioned Mira-chan used to be an S-Class mage, but it said that she wasn't anymore... could I get some info on why? Does it have to do with the Lisanna/Elfman incident?
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I don't really wanna spoil to much but, yes it has something to do with it. And later on she regains those lost abilities, not to become an S class wizard again but to protect her dear Fairy Tail family.
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@PASCUASIO Cool. I had a feeling it was related, when the flashback to the incident occurred like 4 times XD
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