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Yes, this is your favorite Blue Eyed, Green Eyed, Black girl. Cleaning out my phone so don't mind me. Enjoy the Show. - Your Favorite K-Pop K-World fandom trainee Elisha aka ENF2. 사랑해. ❤
Count Down and Promo for "Chained Up" Hyuk, Ravi, & Ken.
Count Down and Promo for "Chained Up" Ken aka my VIXX bias being as charming as possible. He makes it so easy to love(obsess over) him. ;D
New Year Celebration in Hanbok. Ravi, Ken, N, Leo, and Hyuk. Hongbin was of course working on Moorim (as one of my favorite characters in a current K-Drama. If you haven't watched it I highly recommend it. I'm watching in on DramaFever, but I believe it's on Viki and other Streaming sites).
Random Hyuk. I forgot why he was on, maybe out of boredom. Anywhos you can find out if you are on the V App.