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"What took you so long?" YeonHee asks pulling out the ingredients out of the bag as she sets them on the table, as of now the rain has calmed down but has not stopped completely. "We got caught in the rain, not to mention how long it took us to find a store opened at this hour!" Baekhyun exclaims plopping down on the couch. Chanyeol stands by the door setting the umbrella near the wall to let it dry, he handled the umbrella with care. As YeonHee was finishing taking out the items she glances at the bag, which reminded her of something. The name and the store logo rang a bell. "YeonHee? You ok?" Sehun asks waving his hand in front of her face making her flinch. "Yea, sorry...so you guys wanted kimchi right?" The members nod in agreement, As she walks into the kitchen the door rings. "I'll get it!" YeonHee tells them walking to the door, opening it to a soaking wet Kai and Suho with there luggage's. "Oh my god guys! Hurry inside" she grabs there luggages and pulls them inside. Chanyeol returns back with a couple of towels. "Hey, took you long enough! Weren't you supposed to be here yesterday?" Suho nods "out flight was delayed due to the heavy rain" they take a seat on the couch as YeonHee returns to the kitchen to get back to work. "Nice umbrella" kai says chuckling at the pink umbrella near the door. "Its not ours, the girl from te shop let us borrow it cuz we couldnt wait out the rain in the store." D.O explains "wow, thats nice" Suho says smiling. ~back with ______~ "Mom?" The hazel eyed girl calls emerging from the washroom as she attempts to dry her hair. "Yes?" She walks into the living room where her mother sat peacefully reading a newspaper moths old. "Where is the hair dryer?" She asks looking through a couple of boxes. She had already had her things sorted out and fixed and in her room. "____! What did i tell you?! Using hairdryers are bad or you hair! Its heat! That can damage your hair just like straighteners and curlers do" she says reading through a newspaper. "Humph, fine! I'll be in my room 'air drying' my hair if you need me" just as she is about to stomp out of the room her mom calls her back. "You should go visit yor friend" this caught the girl off guard, 'what friend is she talking about?' As she stares blankly at her moms she snaps "Ji YeonHee!?! Do you not remember her? Your friend from when you came for about 2 years of school here!" "Oh!! They still live here? Omg!!" She nearly trips over her own feet thinking about her, who used to blush like crazy and got bullied for that. She remembered how they became friends and all the memories they shared. "Yes and here is the address" she hands her a piece of paper. If she could she would race out and go to her house right now but she had to wait for tomorrow. "Mom is the shop opened tomorrow?" She asks "you don't know the schedule?!? no, ___ its not opened tomorrow" she nods and races to her room and grabs her photo album. Looking through all the memories she had made with her friend YeonHee. ~back to Exo~ "Where did you get this?!" YeonHee demands looking at the pink umbrella, she clearly remembers giving that as a present to a friend who had left when she was young to study abroad! "We got it from the market" Sehun replied not bothering to add any more details because he was to busy eating away. YeonHee sighs in relief, maybe the shop sells these umbrellas too, right? "Well i have to go now" YeonHee says taking off her apron. "You have a date or something?" Kai asks cheekily, he had meant it as a joke. This made her cough and making D.O and Chanyeol grip their utensils with great force. "I-i don't know what your t-talking about!...bye!!" With that she rushes out of the house leaving the guys to eat in silence. "Are you ok?" Suho asks Chanyeol and D.O, he was worried. "Of Course, if she can move on so can i" Chanyeol grumbles standing up "i'm not hungry anymore" he states, walking to his room. "D.O?" Sugo asks softly. "It doesn't matter anymore Suho Hyung. Whats done is done." _____________________________________ Hope you enjoyed the new chapter!! Next chapter: ______ finally gets the courage to go see her friend! YeonHee is happy to see her friend has returned! And she tells her about what has happened over the years...including Exo? And the akaward meeting is yet to be told!
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