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Description A playboy who has gone through countless girls; a pure, lovely girl whose only love is chicken cutlets; a super gifted student who spouts poetry and songs about fried chicken cutlets; a blond hyperactive boy who chases after girls with chicken cutlet deliveries three times a day; the student council president Wei Luo Li who moves people's hearts everywhere, and also the truth of the BL headline story published in the school newspaper... The legendary stories happening at Rembrandt High School are just that unbelievable! I just finished this 5 minutes ago and didn't regret finishing it Although the plot is shallow, the twist and turns in the story will make you say "What just happened!?" or "Oh my God, Did he just?!". Recommend this to readers who loves romance and comedy with a little BL slap together. ❤❤❤❤
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I'm tempted because the title has food in it, but I'm not sure. how long is the series and does it at some point have recipes or things like that?