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Yusuke Urameshi Main character of the show Yu Yu Hakusho. He's a 14 year old punk who enjoys getting into fights, ditching school and breaking the rules. Now if you have never watched Yu Yu Hakusho I would suggest you stop here and watch it before continuing, for those who will ignore this warning don't blame me for spoiling it.
Now the first time we meet Yusuke he's.. well.. dead, but not to worry he comes back to life (although this does happen agian). After being brought back to life he continues on as he was before picking fights, beating people up and skiping school. Only now he's a spirt detective with cool new powers and he fights bad guys who are demons.
His signature move is the Spirit Gun, but as the show goes on and he fights his toughest opponents (typical story line), he grows stronger and learns some new moves. Of course being a punk who enjoys fighting he also loves hand to hand combat. Nothing like punching someone in the face to make you feel better.
Now for the cutest little guy ever Puu, Yusuke's spirt beast (kind of like a pet but better). Puu is a reflection of Yusuke's Inner self.
Later in the series Yusuke dies... agian, and agian he comes back to life. This time though as a totally cool butt kicking demon, and along with his transformation Puu too transforms from cutie to gigantic awsome bird. ... to be continued....
For those of you that have watched Yu Yu Hakusho and love it as much as I do, I am aware that I left stuff out. I did this on purpose, I will be doing brief bios on all the main and important supporting characters of the show, and will be adding more information as I add characters promise.
And then of course there is the best character in the show... Hiei.
he's coming in promise