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1.) Nail Polish Because how are you supposed to paint nails without polish? However, there are many different color types of nail polish to choose from such as vibrant, pastel, metallic, glitter, etc.
2.) Base Coat & Top Coat Base Coat gives your nails a smoother surface not to mention a smoother look for the nail polish. Top Coat gives the nail polish a protective coat and a beautiful shine. Both of these products together also improves the sustainability of your nail masterpiece.
3.) Glitter Nail Polish Remover If you've ever removed glitter polish you'll know why this is a must have! Glitter polish remover makes the removal process MUCH easier and quicker!
4.) Striping Tape For all of those perfectly straight lines. Striping tape is extremely helpful when you're looking to do extraordinary nail designs.
5.) Striping Brushes Striping brushes are for the designs that tape and nail art brushes can't do. (i.e. Feathers, leaves, and stripes)
6.) Dotting Tools Dotting tools are great to use for, you guessed it, dots. You don't have to go buy these tools to make the perfect dot though. You can use other household items such as bobby pins, pencils, pens, toothpicks, etc. There are so many designs you can create with these nail art must haves. Have fun
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