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The New England Patriots' first round pick was forfeited because of Deflategate.

Oh, the NFL also stripped the Patriots of their fourth round pick and suspended Tom Brady for four games. And with the NLF combine happening soon, there have been voices that want commissioner Roger Goodell to return those picks.


Because there hasn't been any proven evidence that the Patriots organization took part in this so-called "Deflategate".'s Peter King put it perfectly.
"Goodell needs to realize he acted without nearly enough scientific evidence against the Patriots. The NFL has some significant circumstantial evidence in the case, the kind that should have prompted a strongly worded letter and $250,000 fine. Instead, Goodell killed an ant with a sledgehammer.”

Oh Goodell, you need to get fired ASAP.

[Photo: Tom Brady (L) and Roger Goodell (R)]
When Goodell was asked during Super Bowl Week about this issue, he replied,
"[W]hat the league did this year was what we do with a lot of rules and policies designed to protect the integrity of the game, and that's to create a deterrent effect. We do spot checks to prevent and make sure the clubs understand that we're watching these issues. It wasn't a research study. They simply were spot checks. There were no violations this year. We're pleased that we haven't had any violations and we continue the work, obviously, to consistently and importantly enforce the integrity of the game and the rules that are designed to protect it."

Typical Goodell.

Sports fans, what do you think? Do you think the Patriots deserve to have their draft picks returned to them?
@KyleBerke I personally think they need to get rid of Goodell. He's bringing down the league...
Yeah I definitely think Goodell went overboard.
yhey couldnt prive they deflated the balls?? Dude their wjole excuse was that the weather caused all 12 balls to deflate like that.......I guess the weather was different on their half of the field.
@EvanYannnetti But they couldn't take prove that they actually deflated those balls
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