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Far away lonely sad. Your Forever within me!
Whoever they may be, distance cannot be measured. Sadness cannot be kept away. Loneliness cannot be stopped. Although knowing they are always within you and never going anywhere can change all of that into closeness, happiness, and friendships. These will all last a lifetime and the bonds cast down through experiences making this life even greater than the tales of miracles!! Live for those who you want to live for you!! I put my trust in all of you!! Carry on your own path with every direction leading to your home and love!!
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there you go again.another great card with an epic statement.
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@PASCUASIO thanks NAKAMA!! Means the world it's all thanks to the amazing beautiful world of anime and manga as well as my anime vingle NAKAMA family!! :)
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this hits the feels in just the right places...
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love it
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