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*follow link* So Warner Brothers gave the green light for an R rated Batman v. Superman. Zack and the team seem to like the idea. So although the theatrical version will have a PG-13 rating, when you buy the movie, it'll come with an extended R rated movie. Which would also be longer than the theatrical release.
In other news, The Batman: The Killing Joke animated movie also has the green light for an R rated film. WB studios is really pushing the writers and directors for creativity. And although they have the go for an R animated movie, this doesn't mean that directors and writers need to make an R rated film, but to add depth in their storytelling. Some studio producers lack the privilege in giving their writers and directors creative freedom. And I think this is what will make the ultimate difference in the new age of Hero movies. Because the success of Deadpool's hard R movie, studios are becoming more open to the idea and realize that people will see a rated R hero movie so long as they treat the character with the justice it deserves. Even the 3rd Wolverine movie has now been highly considered by FOX to be an R rated film.
@SparkRIDE agreed. Personally I really dislike the MPAA because it really forces people to censor their work. It's an incredibly biased group, historically it's been homophobic and politically conservative, and a group that's biased like that shouldn't be making all the decisions about what merits a certain rating.
For me, I don't care for a Rated R film or a G rated film. I just want a good story that does gives the characters justice.
That's true. and Ryan Reynolds really had to push for the film, regardless FOX is the same studio that makes the X-Men and Fantastic 4. The problem for me are the studio producers who end up making the movies and not the writers and directors. it's also partially why I love how WB is giving Zack creative control and overseeing all the other DC films for this universe. But on the other hand, some of his previous movies were lackluster. For me, I think FOX has a pretty good thing going with their X-Men franchise. I can't wait for Apocalypse.
@SparkRIDE I think with productions like this there are always going to be heavy restrictions because the studios are expecting a return on their investment. Deadpool had such a small budget if it didn't blow people away it wasn't a huge loss, but with all of the Marvel movies and these upcoming DC ones that's not the case. They can't afford to be anything less than box office blowouts.
Yeah definitely not the first time movies released director's/unrated cut with their movies. But for a superhero film to have an R rated Directors cut with a PG-13 release is kind of interesting for me. Will this be how DC do their films? PG13 for the kids and R for the adults? No doubt it's a marketing ploy too. Although Deadpool wasn't the first R rated hero movie, it definitely was successful to the point that studios are now aware that people will buy hero movies with an R rating. my concern is that studios will still restrict the creativity from writers and directors even with an R rated film. which I hope they don't.
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