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It's Time to Stride! (into Episode 8)

Be speedy, freaky ♪

ALRIGHT so! This is basically going to be a reaction card to this episode of Stride. I feel like we suddenly just advanced so many areas of the backstory & plot that I don't even know what to do so I'm just going to post the thoughts I was having through the episode!

Prince of Stride Fans, Unite!

Obviously, *SPOILERS* in this card up through Episode 8 :)

This Episode Started Pretty Funny....With Foreshadowing

Sure, we got the funny sleeping dragon scene, and we got to see Kyosuke really enjoying that....but we had already seen that Tomoe was coming to SOMETHING, and that Nana's dad had returned, which obviously won't be important unless it's going to come up in this episode...oh, there it is.

What is Going On In These Families?!

Wait....her dad is the king of stride?! HOW WOULDN'T SHE KNOW THAT?! I can kind of get that Riku didn't know that Tomoe was coming because Riku seems to have cut Tomoe out of his life for the most part, but just....waaaatttt?? He doesn't seem like the most reliable father...
Still, the key part of this episode was really getting both Riku and Nana's family background and history implicated in the story. The show did it REALLY quickly in Nana's case, but I think that kind of worked. Nana's father being the coach of the other team is going to put significant pressure on her to perform knowing that she wants to earn the respect of her father.....that being saiddddd...

It's Time for Nana to Grow.

Really, she's done a good job, but it's been mostly on her trusting the team, and not pushing herself forward so they have to trust her, too. This ep really showed that the relationer CAN make a big difference in things if they speak up more, and all she's done to this point is be impeccable at timing. Which is great. But it's time for her to do more!

On a side note: I don't get why everyone acts like Tomoe is so awful....seems like he's a pretty nice, but determined, guy. We'll see, though...


I'm not fully understanding who I should be happy with and who I should be mad with. Tomoe upsets me because he upset Riku, but Riku seems really lacking in confidence and almost like he is just jealous & annoyed he can't keep up and that's why he is mad at Tomoe? I know there's more to it than that but I'm getting frustrated by figuring out who to be frustrated with lol.
But also, Riku!!! Don't take it out on Takeru. Just because he has a drive & passion for running (which I'm sure we will get backstory on...) doesn't mean he is your brother, even if those qualities remind you of Tomoe.

Can't wait to see how this all devlo.p.....oh. Filler time.

Really though I'm not angry because the next episode at the beach seems really fun!!
I need more Prince of Stride 👍👌
I can't get over the fact.. that I'd assume Riku to be like the main character.. because they gave him so much attention 1st ep.. then he just quickly became a side character as the show progressed.......Like he's only been subpar at most... and hes literally the first runner.... maybe it's just me but it aggravates me :(
@simplynick Well....I'm going to ASSUME he overcomes his brother issue bc anime logic but I want to see what path that takes, and when we're going to start seeing more of Takeru's hopes/issues/whatever else there is to him lol
@hikaymm I'm honestly not even sure! lmaoo but you're right the focus of the story could just be a mixture of different characters. And yes! I've been dying to see how Riku's troubles will play out in the series....Like will he unlock some new unforseen power (sleeping dragon) after overcoming his brother issue..(deep voice) Or will he forever wallow his the shadows of his brother...
waiting for more :3
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