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As a writer, I spend a lot of time writing quick excerpts in my notebook before I begin compile them all in Word. A big time job for me even when I’m in town I keep my notebook handy in case if lightning strikes the back of my brain or when I wake up in the middle of the night. But the one thing that I write about the most without real thinking, and this is common for beginners who wish to contribute to the saucy world of writing, is doing the stages of boredom. You know how you take in English class and the first assignment the teacher gives you is write down anything in the next ten minutes and don’t stop until time’s up? I go berserk on that, and it’s like a deep jungle for me looking for that one piece of treasure. If I drown in quicksand or in water, that’s when my mind gets blocked with advertisements playing the same damn thing over and over again.
It’s like googling something on the internet until you’ve remembered what you’re wanting to search for. There were times where I had a good idea about what I wanted to write, whether it’d be a short statement or story, I’d go for it. But then dementia sets in and you’ve forgotten how to present it. So, you say to yourself, “Okay, I got this part but where does it belong? What about this one, or that one bit? And how did this get here, did I seriously just put that on my hand and not my neatly stack of printer paper that looks good in my tacos, much like hiding a small pill in my pot pie? Now, you’re talking shit. From your brains.
Some of things when I write randomly are strangling similar or sometimes crack me up because I know I’m delusional. Not everything else, but that after staring or going back to that one paragraph I know time and space doesn’t exist. Another thing that occurs is when you finally got scene all figured out and once it’s finished, it looks like a page or three with only one thing going on up until the next page break. Usually it takes about thirty minutes.
Now, I’m going crazy. I think I’ll take a break from this and get back to Word. I just remembered something after rambling about this crap.
Usually I just go hard on the caffeine. Weird and beautiful things come out of me when I've had too much coffee. (Words-wise. I'm talking about words.)
Coming up with topics is so hard sometimes. I think free writing is a great exercise for those of us who have too much on the brain! I really enjoyed reading this and totally get where you're coming from!
@danidee Coffee works, then I realize I'm slurring my words too fast haha. @TessStevens The topics I usually pick are the ones I question; how much response will this or that one get, and some take a lot of time to construct.
Omg, or shaking. Sometimes I get the jitters.