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I couldn't believe that I would marry someone younger then me. But here I am getting ready to walk down the aisle and I couldn't be any happier. This man makes me laugh and understands me. It's all I really ever wanted in a partner. The doors open to show me standing between them Suga looks up at my direction and a big smile spreads across his face.
I wanted a dress that I could wear again not just once so I picked this.
Suga picked the ring, it was a surprise for my birthday. How many girls can say their boyfriend purposed to them for their birthday present? He was so romantic about it I cried in happiness.
I thought that I wouldn't or couldn't hold a place in Suga's heart because of his strong bond and love for his members. And I was surprised at how they responded to me, they immediately accepted me and they are like my brothers. But he allowed me into his heart and I allowed him into mine after I've been hurt. I was afraid to find love again but my best friend told me not to look for it, because it will find you and it will catch you completely off guard. Which is true.
Our honeymoon was so beautiful and I didn't want to leave. We enjoyed our time exploring the island and spending a lot of time in the bedroom
We choose a house instead of an apartment, we wanted to raise a family in a slower paced environment instead of the busy city
We were blessed with twins!!! A boy and a girl, being an only child I was thrilled. Suga was happy as well and helped with taking care of them. Our time together was precious and he made sure to give as much attention as he kid when he was home and always skyped when he was away with the group.
Loved this game thanks for creating it @sarabear1021