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Hey guys just wanted to post some pictures and gifs of my UB and my hubby Im JaeBum
It's not hard to see why JB steals the hearts . I mean come on look at this face ...isn't he a cutie!!!
And his smile...its hard not to smile when you see smile.. gosh he makes my knees weak! ❤
In addition to a beautiful face and a killer smile, JB has some amazing arms !! Did anyone else just forget how to breathe??? Nope... just me?? Okay cool
Even he is shocked by how good looking he is!!
JB Oppa I love you, but I really would appreciate it if you stopped playing with my life and also...put your tongue away
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@AaliyahNewbell since when does he ever listen?
2 years ago·Reply
@kpopjpopjrock1 now that I think of it....never smh
2 years ago·Reply
@AaliyahNewbell exactly. not that any of the members really listen.
2 years ago·Reply
ha...ha...*dying slowly
2 years ago·Reply