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Not Kpop related but...
I find myself needing my Vingle family tonight.
I just left my eomma in the hospital, after five hours in the ER. They found signs of a heart attack. She'll be in cardiology for tests and procedures tomorrow. So my hiatus during and after the Chicago EXO'luXion is gonna be lasting just a little bit longer. Not sure how long. I still try to check out the cards I am tagged in, so please keep tagging me! I'm gonna need the distraction.
I'm still overwhelmed by it all. And it is telling when the first thing I thought of was 'I need to let my Vingle family know'.
Because I know you are all here for me, No matter how far away you are, just knowing that you are there is a big help. Yes I have coworkers and friends here, but...
You all are special.
So thank you.
...I need a hug...
@petname83 @JamiMilsap @Dabaesaplayer @BridgetJara @LinnyOk @HopeAndSunshine @krin @KristinaCaron @Beckah1327 @KatelynSummerso @AnnaArai @kpopandkimchi @EmilyPeacock @merryjayne13 @ARMYStarlight @DestinaByrd @QueenLee @VeronicaArtino @AbbyRamey @MrsBangYongguk @DOislifeExoL @SerenityThao @Tigerlily84 @nnatalieg @Ercurrent @KatieRussell @Kyokeo @JiyongLeo @marisamusic thank u thank u thank u!! all of u! eomma is out of surgery n everything went wonderfully! she is resting now n will likely b kept overnight. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• i love my vingle family. u all have made the past two days so much easier for me
-hugs tightly and strokes your hair- I'm sorry you don't deserve this I'm going to hope for the best for you and your mom I'll be here everyday I'll try my hardest to make you smile
Giant hug! There is nothing I can really say to make your situation any better but just know that I am sending ALL the positive thoughts that I have towards you and your family. I hope everything turns out okay and that you remember if you ever need us we're always here for you!
Aww unnie here bring it in *massive bear hug* I know that you're eomma is going to come out of this strong and healthy! I will support you (as everyone else) Fighting!! Keep a smile on your face! Eomma fighting!
and this is why I love my Vingle family. It doesn't matter whether we have talked multiple time, or not at all, we are always here for each other. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and support! Fighting!
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