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Hey guys ^-^ So as I said in my other card I was making another video about Jackson. Thus as I promise I did. I just posted it one YouTube today. There! Sexy Jackson for you all... man it was so hard to find clips of him where he wasn't acting like a complete dork. But as much of a dork he is you gotta love him.
Anywoo! We will be making a video on Sunday with us (Human beans!) in it. I will most likely make a post about it when I put the video up! ^-^ I hope you guys enjoy and please subscribe to our YouTube.
P.S. Who should I do next video on?
LUHAN? The cute (But Manly!!!) Deer. OR.....
Seventeen? (Most Likely Vernon... ^-^)
Or maybe someone else?? Please leave your comments! I love to read them ^-^
Love ya!!! VIBE with us!
Lulu he's to cute/manly !!!
Seventeen Vernon is fine with me❤️❤️
To be honest... I'm probably going to end up doing both of them anyway.... haha
yes! hansol!
@BrookeStam love the video...thanks for tagging me!!..
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