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I the other day I found this on someone's post and I just had to save it to my phone. I do plan on tracking the artist down to tell them but this is an awesome picture the lines are super clean and the lighting was done incredibly the anatomy of it is brilliant. and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the artist is going pro they take all the basics and blow them up and really own it... sorry for the rant xD but it's just that good
they look like the best of friends right there
This is a sasunaru pic❤️ thats the oldest traceable image so I'm not sure if that's the artist or not Q.Q but it seems 99th e main image was removed so I will just ask this person
I think it came from my card! and yeah, I also don't know who the original artist is, but they deserve a round of applause
that the not 99th
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