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At my school, my friend started a Kpop club this year, because there are finally enough people at our school who would join. (I attend a private high school so there's like 600 people max. not a lot)
When some of my friends finally realized that I like...love Kpop, they started getting interested. Seriously, my friends and I spread Kpop throughout our school.
Here are my top 10 songs and groups that I would recommend for non-kpoppers! I've uploaded 2 videos per group/singer. I'll post a card for solo artists another time!
#1 BigBang
This boy group is the first I would recommend to friends, because they reach a wide range of people. Their music closely resembles western music, mainly because western music has a big influence on them, but they smoothly combine western style with kpop to make their magical albums. I feel like BigBang leaves a really good first impression on the content of what kpop is. Of course we would all love to just throw our favorite boy/girl group at our friends (unless BigBang is your #1 fav), but that would just overwhelm them and scare them away (lesson learned).
It's best to start your non-kpop friends with a style they're more familiar with. They have to adjust to listening to music that ins't in their language.
#2 4minute
This girl group is my equivalent to BigBang, in terms of most westernized. They really appeal to wide range of people as well. Take every factor into account when introducing your friends to kpop. So if your friends aren't really interested in boy groups, then try the girl group equivalent.
Their recent hits "Crazy" and "Hate" have helped kpop expand. "Crazy" got 50 million views on youtube and "Hate", which is not as popular, but was used in a CBS commercial here in the US.
#3 EXO
Once your friends have gotten a little familiar with kpop, introduce them to Exo. This pop group has a big international outreach, with hot members and sharp choreography. They have two sub-groups, Exo-K, which sings in Korean, and Exo-M, which sings in Mandarin.
#4 Girls' Generation (SNSD)
Girls' Generation is an extremely popular girl group. They've got good pop music, good choreography, and gorgeous members. It might just be a me thing, but I always wish for nice skin like theirs. Some dreams don't come true (haha).
This boy groups is known for embracing more darker concepts to their songs. While some people like hip hop, pop, and dance music, others like songs with a darker twist to it. VIXX doesn't just have sad songs, but fun pop songs as well, like "GR8U". They bring a lot of charisma to the stage and reach out to fans through their music.
#6 2NE1
This older girl group has focused a lot of their music on dance-pop. So if your friends aren't into pop, hip hop, and sad-pop (lol) then try 2NE1's futuristic style.
#7 Bangtan Boys (BTS)
If your friends didn't really like any of the above artist, then suggest a hip-hop group, like BTS. They're genre is mainly around hip hop and R&B. With high-end music videos and amazing choreography, I promise your friends won't be able to say no after seeing them.
#8 AOA
#9 GOT7
#10 f(x)
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Bangtan should be higher :l