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Hey people! Meet bella! Though im not sure what breed she is, she is a fluffy ball of adorableness. She loves making mischief and can't stand not getting attention.
Bella is very strange. She knows how to stand on her hind legs to get food and begs like a dog! She loves sitting in the cabinets and Aldi bags. (Only that store!) She loves catnip and once you give it to her, good luck getting it back without a fight! Sometimes she even sits at the dinner table with us. She seems to think she is a human!
Bella is sometimes the cutest cat ever. She even has a birthmark shaped like a HEART!
Bella has some weird attributes... Likes: Tuna and human food(comes running if you say tuna kitty!!) Sitting in her owners lap while she is busy Knocking stuff of desks Sleeping in the middle of the kitchen Drinking out of the sink Watching youtube and anime with her owner Dislikes: The other cats in the house Being ignored Baths Dogs
So, thanks for reading about Bella and please leave your vote! Nya!
@danidee Yeah, she loves her beard!
Lmao, she's so cute. She looks kind of like a wizard with a long white beard.
I love it too!
she look like half maine coon breed.. such cute