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You know Tony and Wade are not Bros. There is no bromance. Wade just likes annoying him because he "stern" when he wants to be. Even in real life when a person seems to be so serious, there will be that one person to test you. In Tony's case, it's my husband in comic book land Wade. Wade has also ran into other characters in the Marvel Universe because that's what he does. He usually is walking down the street and something random is going on, I believe that is how he started one of his interactions with Spider-Man. Anyway I am going to try a new series of "My Night with Deadpool" and have him featuring other characters since he loves to run into and be a pain in the ass. So let's take a look at Deadpool's duckary featuring Iron Man..
This is a classic, I posted it up before but it is still a funny piece. Awesome!
Wade loves taking other people's suits. He did it to Spider-Man and Jean Grey also!
Wade wanted to be more authentic, so he drank a bottle of booze. For those are you who are not familiar with Tony Stark.. He likes to toss back drinks alot.
I stress a lot. If you say "beer 'and the person stars twitching and trying to find it. They need a 12 step program. You here me Tony. I hope you got no DWI' s while flying your armor. It might actually flying while under the influence if you think about it.
Deadpool gets lazy so he catches a ride with Tony! Deadpool the annoying Bro you don't want!
This fanart I had to add because it's too damn funny! And you do see Wade taking a selfie in the back but in this case it's all about Tony being smooth. Btw Tony already had some strange relationship with She Hulk!

That's all for tonight! Stay tuned for more Deadpool interactions!

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Because if you're gonna dress up, why not play the part as well. Genius, Deadpool. 👏👏
lmao!!! Deadpool is freaking funny!!
Hulk I see you being smooth there and I say go for it
too funny
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