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Hello vingle fam! As I named my card "new vingle user" it might seem like IM the new user buuuuttt....nope! It's not me....it's one of my friends! yassss! She finally decided to start posting! I still haven't gotten her to join the kpop world but she loves anime and mangas so she will be posting about those kinds of things. If you love animes and mangas then you should totally go check out her page! Sure she has just started but hey! I'm sure she will post some interesting cards! Her username is @lilyrose3875
That is her page! And those are a few cards she has posted. Hopefully you all give her a chance and check out her cards! @lilyrose3875 my most recent card I decided to not make the "announcement" about my fanfic ,instead I gave you a shout out! haha you are very welcome jkjk but yeah
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both actually 😂 @lilyrose3875
kin! iswnd welcomes to you both
hiiiiiiii welcome!!!!!!
Welcome! hope you enjoy and have fun :)
Haiii and thx everyone <3 you guys are too nice c: lol