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I am legit so impressed with these Press It videos & music from Taemin!! Like...this is so good!! LOOK AT THOSE MOVES THO!!! <3 Its like mesmerising to watch him perform!
I've had Drip Drop & Press Your Number stuck in my head all day and I love it. I really like these songs & I also think the whole album is really good!!
This isn't your everyday highlight medley!!! He performs with it instead of showing pictures!!! THIS IS AWESOME!! DO YOU SEE HIM DANCE IN THE RAIN!? can't even take your eyes off him! Also I think Solider is my favorite next to the two title songs.
I LOVE Taemin so much!! He is my bias in SHINee and just seeing him perform with passion just shows how amazing he is πŸ’– The album is FANATASTIC!! Once I heard the preview for Soldier I was in tears becuase of how amazing he did! Taemin makes me proud of him πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–
I thought he killed it the performances. CAUSE THIS MAN CAN DANCE!
I love Taemin! Ever since Danger i cant stop watching him and wishing to dance like him
I thought he did awesome! I also love his new songs and they are so addictive to listen to! He is also a KILLER dancer! Like man, that guy has some MOVES.