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Treasure Island was a hard read for me when I first read it, and honestly it still is, but now it is only because I can't seem to keep all the names straight! The main theme of the play is greed and what happens to those who strive for nothing other than money and riches. The book also has a less acknowledged theme of role models and how people impact us. Jim, the main boy, hardly mentions his father after the beginning of the book, showing that his father is not important in his life. He later begins to bond wit Dr. L and Squire T, and he even tries to act with their morality in mind, but he become bored and realizes that there has to be more than playing it safe. Eventually, Jim looks up to Silver, not the man I would have chosen, but to each his own. In Silver, Jim finds dreams, ambition, bravery, and confidence. SPOILER AHEAD: Those qualities seem to black out the greed that causes Silver to steal from Jim and leave him in the end. At the end of the novel, Jim only mentions Silver, telling us that Silver had the biggest impact on his life and his future. How does that relate to this quote? We need to have the strength to be who we are. No matter what we desire or who we look up to, we can't turn against what we believe. There is a New Politics song that says, "Swallowed the universe. Abandoned my youth. I still can't forsake what I feel is true." No matter what we go through, who we encounter, what we embrace, and how we evolve, we have to stay true to who we are. Don't let other put their words into your mouth. Don't let others put their movements into your feet. Don't let others put their insecruties into your head. We don't have to hate and reject, but we have to be strong enough, and brave enough, to be genuinely us.
This is more of a side note. Amazing quote that outlines the gripping greed that we are tempted with. Gold and riches and fame and glory and love and all of these things that we so deeply desire. At what cost will we strive to obtain them? The lives lost to prove power. The feelings hurt to assert ourselves. All of the pain and misery. Do the ends justify the means?
I agree. That's why it is so hard for us to stay true to ourselves. We desire so strongly that many times we are willing to take up the being of another to accomplish our goals. But then we aren't ourselves anymore. The innocent Jim from the beginning of the novel is almost more Silver than himself by the end.
It's been a while since I read this one, but I feel like a lot of it really points to this idea that when you have nothing, all you have are dreams, and it's really easy for people like Silver to take advantage of you. Jim didn't really have any other options, which is why Silver was able to have such a big impact on his life