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Mei's POV
As I was jogging down the sidewalk, I finally came across Daisuke's Grocery Shop. It looked like a Ralph's except it was smaller and more domestic. My closest friends were cashiers too. There's Nanami-san, she's about fifty-six years old now. Nanami-san works the cash register to the right of me. She's been around town for a really long time. She isn't a hunter, but when she married and had kids, her two sons became one. To the left of me is Yuuto-san, he's about forty-three and married. Him and his wife just gave birth to a new baby girl! Ahhhh kawaii! She's so cute! Each station gets a bagger, and Yuuto-san's bagger is Taro-san; we celebrated his birthday last month and turned thirty-nine. Taro-san is taking the hunter exam next year to try and become a Contract Hunter. My bagger is one of my closest friends, Aya-san; she's twenty-eight and not a hunter. She has some weird dream about marrying a hunter, which could happen, especially with her looks. I told her to quit her job here at the grocery store and become a model! But no! She doesn't like the idea of exposing herself.
Anyways, I quickly head inside, making sure I don't bump or disturb any of the customers. I head to the back room for employees only and changed into my work clothes. I basically just changed into a shirt that had the name of the grocery store on it. The first thing I did after I changed was head to the manager's room to find Daisuke-san or Saki-san. Saki-san is another close friend of mine. She works as the second in command. I found her sitting at the manager's desk and approached her,
"Konnichiwa, Saki-san. I'm sorry if I'm late. I got held up with some things. Where's Daisuke-san?"
"Oh konnichiwa, Mei-chan. It's ok. What made you late? Doesn't Ayaka-san let you leave when you have your next shift? And to answer your question, Daisuke-san went on a mission."
"Oh ok. I sorta came into contact with the Phantom Troupe. One of their guys attempted to kill me, but that didn't work."
"Ehhhh?! You met the Phantom Troupe?! Maybe you should go home today and tell Chairman Netero about this."
"No it's fine. I handled the situation already. I'm here aren't I? Plus I have two more jobs to go to after this. I wanna spend my last day at every job!"
"Alright alright. I'm just worried ok? The Phantom Troupe is dangerous, so just be cautious today. But I'm gonna call Chairman Netero anyways and just let him know."
"Ok ok. It looks like it's about to get packed so I'm heading out now."
"Ok. Take checkout six please. Oh and Aya-chan will be coming late today so you'll have to do the bagging yourself for a while."
"Ok arigato! Ja mata ne!"
I walk out of the office room and head through the aisles to checkout six. I see Nanami-san, Yuuto-san, and Taro-san have all taken checkout stations.
I guess we're short on hand today. Looks like we're all bagging on our own.
"Are you excited for the hunter exam? Don't die on us ok?!" Taro-san says.
Nanami-san slaps the back of Taro-san's head, which I laugh at. She says,
"Don't say that to her! You'll do great Mei-chan! We know you can do it!"
"Domo arigato gozaimasu!"
I smile at them.
I'm finally leaving the comforts of home. I wonder what it'll be like? I've never really been anywhere except when Netero-san took me to his old friend's house. Other than that, I never leave.
I really miss visiting them. Netero-san would take me there to train. I only had one friend who was my age. I wonder if I'll ever see him again.
Probably not.
For the rest of my shift I just checked and bagged items.
Ooh! That guy is so hot!
Food wasn't the only thing I was checkin' out. >.0
Towards the end of my shift, the day started to slow down.
"Saki-san, I have to make my way over to Takahiro-san's now! Sayonara!"
"Sayanora! Good luck tomorrow!" Everyone waved to me as I headed out of the store.
I started walking toward the bakery, which happens to be a few stores down, when I felt someone's presence behind me. I quickly turn around to find no one there.
That aura felt threatening. Is the Phantom Troupe back? Hmmmm...
Feitan's POV
I was watching her while she was checking out items.
Is she checking out that guy? Sheesh... girls will be girls huh?
She started leaving the grocery store, so I followed her, not too far behind. I hid my footsteps so she wouldn't notice me, when all of a sudden she stopped and turned around. I quickly ducked into a small dead-end alley.
Oh shit! That was close! I was even using Zetsu, how did she notice someone tailing her?
Fuck I hope she didn't see me.
Not wanting to peek around the corner and possibly expose myself, I get out my phone and call Shalnark,
"Hey did she see me?" I whisper into the phone.
"No, I don't think so, but she's still there so keep your position."
"Ok what is she do..."
"Wait! She's walking your way!"
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
"Should I jump to the roof where you are?"
"Wait. She stopped. She's turning around and heading towards the bakery."
phewwww. That was close. *sigh* Thank God.
"Ok. Continue keeping an eye on her."
"Got it."