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Disclaimer: this is meant to bring no offense to anyone! This is meant for humor!
#1 They have no fashion sense.
#2 They can't dance.
#3 Not one of them can hit high notes.
#4 What kind of group doesn't have at least one person that can cook?!
#5 None of them work out.
#6 They're not funny.
#7 Their music videos suck.
#8 All they do is work, they don't do anything for fun in their spare time.
#9 I don't even know why people like them, they don't even have any visuals.
#10 Just look at them. Ugly. Every one of them.
HAHA so that's it for my hate card. I'm dedicating this card to my friend at school who expresses hate towards her biases. She "hates" Suga the most. I "hate" Jungkook the most. Jungkook you're not attractive! You give me NO reason to like you! Don't wear a sweater with lots of holes in it! Nobody wants to see whatever you've got underneath that! Stop it! You're just a baby Jungkook! Nobody said you could grow up! You're not allowed to wear a muscle tank! You have to have actual muscles for that! Ugh! Jungkook you frustrate me SOOOO much!
@ToppDogg i put on cypher pt2 and 3 and was like SAY HE CANT RAP AGAIN I DARE YOU
@ToppDogg Tell those friends that he can rap in 3 languages xD
My male friends says that rap monster can't rap....and I'm like wtf 馃槯
@KaitlynHewitt ohhh hell nah...suga can rap *snaps fingers* 馃槨
@ToppDogg my sister said that about Suga and I was like.......bitch what?
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