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This post is a bit different than what I usually post (aka cute girls & sports anime....lol), but Madoka Magica is one of my favorite series not only for the characters & plot, but for the amazing music that works perfectly throughout the series! So, inspired by my good friends @RosePark and @VoidX, I thought I'd post a bit about why I think the music throughout the series is so perfect!
**NOTE: Spoilers of sorts for Madoka in here, because I have to discuss some plot points to discuss the music :)

A Song of Despair: Decretum

Meaning: Decision
Sayaka's Theme
The tragic-sounding song fits perfectly with the various fates Sayaka met, as had as that is to say. Sayaka once said: "For all the happiness you wish for someone, someone else gets cursed with equal misery. That's how it works for Magical Girls, and that's how it is for me. I was so stupid, so stupid. "
This is easily one of the BEST songs from the series, and for the dark, foreboding feeling it gives, it's not an easy one to forget. Sayaka's fate was a lonely one, with Hitomi taking the place she had hoped her wish would take her. It was really hard to watch this bright, caring, noble girl fall into despair....but that's what this song represents.
A little decision that she made, in the hopes of saving someone she though she loved. A decision that ended with a much, much darker fate.

A Song of Peace & Love: Sagitta Luminis

Meaning: Arrow of Light
Madoka's Theme Song
Madoka's theme, and quite possibly the most beautiful song in the entirety of the series!! I really, really love this song. It pretty much sums up everything that happens in the show so well.
Hope...love...peace....all of those feelings are captured perfectly by this song, but they're done in a way that is almost tragic. The we feel here is akin to Madoka's sacrifice, if you ask me. Madoka took on the burden of the magical girls' despair so that they won't become witches, and this song represents that kind of sad, yet hopeful, fate.

A Song of Desperation: Conturbatio

Meaning: Disorder
This is the song that is played when Sayaka is considering becoming a magical girl.....and ouch. This song really, really does it for me. The state of how things are not being how they should be. Eventually, her wish turns into a curse, and I think when put all of Sayaka's songs together, you can really feel that. Disorder in the Decisions she makes, leading to a sad fate.

A Song of Hope: Credens Justitiam

Meaning: Believe in Justice
Mami's Theme Song
This song is amazingly hopeful and heroic - just like Mami. While her fate was, well, the first of many darker fates & unexpected, I think this song really suited her. This song makes you feel like you can fly - like you can change the world, and that's what Mami represented to Madoka when we first meet her. Until episode 3, we think that Mami is a powerful leader who will take us somewhere higher, and I think this song really matched that feeling as you watched.

A Song of Longing: Sis Puella Magica

Meaning: You Should be a Magical Girl!
Kyubey + the Puella Magi's Theme
This song is haunting and emotional. When I listen to it, I feel like I'm wandering around a world of magic -- which is just want Kyubey would want, really. The song gives an idea of the hope of being a magical girl that you initially see, but I think it has some haunting and darker undertones with the bells & the voices that seem to hint at what might happen, what is coming, and what the intentions of Kyubey really is.

A Song of Sadness: Puella in somnio

Meaning: The Girl in the Dream
Homura's Theme Song
This is the song. THE SONG. Dark and mysterious, defnitely so, so sad, this work so well as Homura's song for the series. Homura's story is the hardest to deal with, in my opinion. She's continuing to fight a battle she's fought so many times, even when its just like she's swimming in despair. This song really gives that feeling of being totally swallowed up by the path she is on.
The song feels empty, almost, and it matches how Homura feels: "I'll do it over. No matter how many times it takes. I'll relive it over and over again. I will find the way out. The one path that will save you from this destiny of despair. Madoka. . . My one, and my only friend. I don't care. If it's for you, I'll stay trapped in this endless maze. Forever."

A Song of Savageness: Anima mala

Meaning: Evil Soul
Kyouko's Theme Song
Slow, dark, hinting at a future and a dark past.....this song really suits Kyouko. She's been through a lot, and that's what has made her almost savage, and I think this song kind of suits that savageness. It's been described to me as "the perfect brooding music," which really, is something I can see Kyouko wanting to do considering everything.

Anyways, this wasn't a super great analysis, but!

I just wanted to write down some thoughts this OST always brings up for me. The music was a HUGE part of why I thought this series was so beautifully crafted, and you can relive those emotions simply by listening to the soundtrack!!